Tooth decay is now one of the main reason five to nine-year-olds are admitted to Hospital for general anaesthetic, which could be avoided by regular check-ups with a dentist. National Smile Month offers a timely opportunity to hold assemblies on the subject of oral health. Alternatively, you may cover the topic when news stories appear about the poor state of children’s teeth. Here is a complete Assembly package for primary schools with a script for an Assembly talk which aims to help children reflect on the importance of their teeth.


The complete package

The Brush up on Smiles oral health project assembly content on the importance of teeth, contains: An assembly script, an assembly PowerPoint. Background support with relevant book and online references.

Try talking without teeth

Try to say the phrase ‘Thirty three thirsty thieves’. Easy. Now try saying it without letting your tongue touch your teeth. Some sounds need teeth, others don’t. Learning about which letters of the alphabet are which helps with reading and spelling.


And don’t forget the engaging story,The Lost Smile, specially commissioned for this programme. You can buy a copy for your library.

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